Meet the appraiser

R. Ridgely Fisher

Maryland, USA
# of Appraisals Completed: 27,584 (1995-2020 )

R. Ridgely Fisher has testified in many court cases and is an expert witness in the state of Maryland. I'm extremely well-regarded in the field of piano appraisals and historical information. I hold many different memberships such as AA, Association of Online Appraisers, ASA, American Society of Appraisers, APA, American Piano Association. I'm the senior member of the company and well spoken in a court setting.

Piano Appraisal, LLC
Pianoappraisal is an on-line appraisal service, specializing in acoustic pianos - all makes & models. Using your eyes & ears in conjunction with a question & answer form we are able to make certain assumptions about the value of your piano.

In June 1975, we started working with several top level Insurance companies supplying them with replacement costs on certain manufactured models of acoustic pianos. Since that date we have included most makes & models manufactured here and abroad.

Over the past quarter of a century we have done studies on most US, Canadian, European and Asian piano manufacturing companies. We have done both piano specs sheets & history sheets. R. Ridgely Fisher has 45 years of education in all phases and levels of the acoustic piano. Anything to do with: Construction, Service, Tuning, Climate Control Systems, Purchasing, Selling, Insurance Appraisal, Rebuilding, Repairs, Legal issues, Maintenance, Environmental issues, Finishing issues with acoustic pianos. I'm also well versed with manufacturers of electronic reproducing systems for acoustic pianos, such as PianoDisc, QRS and Yamaha's Disklavier.