Piano Appraisal Options

Note: Using your eyes and ears in conjunction with a question and answer form, we are able to make accurate assumptions about the value of your piano.

Important PLEASE follow these steps:

  • 1. Choose the Option first.
  • 2. Click the Red [Pay Now] button  - Note: An SSL Secure Credit Card Box will appear, follow the prompts
  • 3. Fill on the [Appraisal Form] link - This will take you to a "Web Page" that allows you to enter the piano information and upload photos and sound files.
  • 4. Please read the "Statement of conditions and values" at the bottom of this page before selecting an option.

Option 1
We offer  an on-line email appraisal service that will give you the date of manufacture, a description and the appraised value of your piano. The cost of option 1 is $50.00 US dollars and will be emailed to you within 72 hrs.

    [Appraisal Form] 
Option 2
We offer  an on-line email appraisal service that will give you the date of manufacture, the current market value, replacement value, average suggested retail and wholesale value and probable's for both. We also will include if applicable the cost of the piano model if new today. The cost of option 2 is $65.00 US dollars and will be emailed to you within 24 hrs.

     [Appraisal Form]  
Option 3
After your appraisal is completed, you will receive an HTML link to your digital appraisal certificate. Simply insert this link into the appropriate field when listing your item with the online auction house. Do you sell on eBay? Try showing your appraisal certificate in your next auction listing. Increasing bidder confidence translates into higher bids. Show your Online Appraisal Certificate on - Classified Sites - Auction Sites - Craigslist.org - Local Online News Paper Ads. There is no better way to increase the value of your online auction listing than to show potential buyers an expert's opinion about your item. With the use of PhotoShop and an HTML editor I can make a Sharp Webpage that you can Cut & Paste into any websites you choose. The cost of this option is $90.00

     [Appraisal Form] 
Option 4
In this service you will receive an extensive history development of the manufacturer, model regulation spec's etc. This is sent by US First Class mail, (choose option 4 or 5 for Insurance, as they will need a signed hardcopy). In this package you will receive an Appraisal Certificate and manufacturer history sheet. The cost of Option 4 is $125.00 US dollars.

     [Appraisal Form] 
Option 5
This option is sent by FedEx Express Overnight. With this option, you will also receive an emailed copy of the {Piano Worksheet} and a FedEx Tracking Number. Choose option 4 or 5 for Insurance, as they need a signed hardcopy of the Certificate. Please notify me in the comments area of the form any restoration or rebuilding work that has been completed. Cost of option 5 is $150.00 US Dollars, Note: If requested   IRS Form 8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions supplied and signed with this option).

     [Appraisal Form]  

Statement of conditions and values

This online appraisal is an expert's opinion of the items depicted in the supplied information and based solely on images and information that the customer supplies. Additional information, not shown on the certificate, will be taken into account if supplied in the comments area.

Please Note: Our service strives to include the best international authorities in the acoustic piano fields. While the appraiser may be an expert in rendering the valuation, the information supplied is what we must base our piano appraisal on.

  1. Current fair market value is the amount someone might receive when selling their item to a dealer or at auction. It is also the amount most government tax agencies (IRS, Revenue USA, Canada, etc.) recognize as the tax deductible amount if the item was donated to a charitable organization.
  2. Replacement cost is the retail amount one might reasonably pay to purchase the item from a dealer, gallery, store, etc. It is also the amount for which one may want to insure an item.
  3. At PianoAppraisal LLC, maintaining good customer relations is important so as to be perceived as a professional company by our customers. We strive to get all options to you in a timely fashion. From time to time, we have a number of appraisals that might be ahead of you or some unforeseen problems that might arise and make it difficult to complete your appraisal within the time we recommended. We do not offer a money back option for those who are not satisfied with the appraised value or for those who fall outside the allocated time frame.